Cheaters and home wreckers.

What kind of awful girl with no morals actively pursues/accepts the advancement of an attached/married man?

What kind of terrible man starts dating another girl without the decency to break it off with his original wife/girlfriend first?

In other words, what kind of vile, disgusting humans cheat/make others cheat on their perfectly loving and dedicated other halves?

It makes me SICK.

What is the point of such a relationship? No matter how sweet it is, how much you believe he/she is really the love of your life… it will always be marred by the fact that you stole him from another woman, or you destroyed your wife/girlfriend’s heart and life. That you both did horrible things. And if the truth comes out, losing all face and respect, names get dragged through the mud. Worth it meh? Is your conscience ever clear?

There’s no reason cheaters and home wreckers shouldn’t be shamed and their subsequent lives/reputations ruined. They should face the consequences because they obviously never considered it, or knew it and chose to ignore it. If they want to do terrible things, be prepared for people to SAY terrible things.

And if cheater’s/home wrecker’s justification is that stable relationships will be able to overcome 3rd parties seducing them, and that the cheater chose to cheat means she was saving everyone from a shaky relationship. That just proves how sick in the head cheaters and home wreckers are in justifying their appalling actions.

Whether or not people’s relationships are stable or shaky, at the end of the day it doesn’t change the fact that the home wrecker was seducing that attached partner and this is WRONG no matter what. There are a multitude of single guys out there. Similarly a shaky relationship is NO excuse for choosing to seek out a second relationship elsewhere. Break it off first like a man.

Everyone is better off without partners like that. Let the cheating assholes who can’t keep their pants on and the home wrecking bitches who lure other girls’ men belong together and good riddance! Hope they rot in a cesspool of STDs.


The story of Alvin and Yuki, that sparked all my thoughts on this matter.

But it does scare me terribly how this could happen to two people in love for so long, months away from marriage. What kind of man completely disregards his fiance’s feelings and destroys her life like that? Perhaps at that stage there was already no turning back, so it was the right thing to do. But in the first place, these scumbags let their flirtationships fester and turn into full blown affairs and start fucking around before getting out of their original relationships.

Like they want some kind of reassurance or fallback. Pui! Have the decency and respect for your longtime girlfriend to break up with her the moment you feel the flame fading and start being attracted to another girl ffs.

That’s what I did, and even then I felt like the pain I caused was already boundless. Even then I felt heartless. I already felt like my new relationship was tainted for a while till I was able to finally find closure.

Definitely not after dating the other person for months outside of your current relationship. So I can’t imagine the kind of repugnant people who choose to cheat. He had to be so incredibly heartless to hurt so badly the girl he once loved. And he was willing to throw that all away in a flash for a new girl. I guess people really do lose their mind when they’re in “love”.


This was the love of her life, she thought they were going to get married and live happily ever after in a few months’ time. I can’t imagine how devastating that must be. I would be beyond crushed. She is completely entitled to her revenge. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I’m glad to be with an amazing guy, but she probably was too. You have no idea it’s gonna happen until it happens. Then again, she is so much better off without vile worthless scum like that. Let the home wrecking hoe keep him, and probably be cheated on by him in the future. Or maybe they’ll both cheat on each other.

Cheaters/home wreckers, you reap what you sow. Don’t blame anyone else.


p/s: Of course, all of the above also applies to a reversal of the genders i.e. woman cheating on her significant other, single man instigating an affair. Or worse la, two attached/married people! Or maybe better, get rid of two rotten apples at one go.

p/p/s: You can tell I have very strict views on trust and fidelity, call me idealistic. I think they’ve become so underrated nowadays. However I do understand that everyone’s situations are different and there may always be extenuating circumstances. Also, I wrote this in a fit of extreme anger, referring mainly to Alvin and Yuki’s story.

5 thoughts on “Cheaters and home wreckers.

  1. No matter what the “extenuating” circumstances, there is still no excuse. I was messed in the head for a time, but put back together now. Looking back I see what you see, but with a lot more understanding about how you can conversation like this one day and a few weeks later have a web spinning itself uncontrollably around you. No excuses. Just humanity over here.

  2. @Being Her – I’m sorry, but it’s not complicated at all. It’s immoral. It’s wrong. It’s unacceptable. It destroys people. Anything that destroys people is bad. It’s not brain surgery, just a matter of deciding not to be selfish and cruel.

    • okay, thats your opinion. I am a good person… I didn’t set out to ruin the life of others. Every story is complicated. Every story has two sides. Careful not to judge. I was that judging person once. Once before I realized even the simplest of acts can take a mind blowing turn. Careful not to point….

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